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Why am I encountering a 404 ERROR even though my package was uploaded and synchronized successfully?

If you try to download a package while the syncing process is ongoing, the curl URL won't permit the action and this will result in a 404 error. In-fact repeated download attempts will yield the same error until the cache expires.


We cache on our CDN for up to 1 hour which means you can find the errored response is also cached. Currently, we're not considering reducing the cache timing due to factors like bandwidth conservation and improved server performance from serving cached responses.


As a temporary workaround, you can simply add any parameter to the URL, allowing the file to be downloaded successfully. Alternatively, you can wait for the cache to expire after an hour.


A recommended solution is to use the package list API endpoint which will allow you to retrieve all uploaded files in the repository and check their synchronization status (is_synchronized).


If after following these two routes, you're still having issues, please do get in contact!

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